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With any website like this there are needs to make it better.

Missing and Incorrect Information

If you see something that you know is wrong or could be better, do something or say something. This feedback is necessary to make improvements. In many cases you can make the correction or add a perspective yourself. You may contact or modify the page at User_talk:Kirk.

Missing Photographs

In researching the history, there are facts that don't seem to add up. Sometimes a picture would help clarify the history. I assume that because I have access to lots of old photographs, you do too.

  • Better photographs of the first gym (directly south of Smith gym).
  • Better photographs of the early school wood shed and outhouses.
  • Photographs of the back side of the first grade school and first high school.
  • Photographs of the consolidated school houses, especially the Gravelle school.
  • Photographs of girls basketball between 1923 and 1971.
  • Photographs of football teams between 1926 and 1950.
  • Any photograph of a historic place or event.
  • Any photograph that tells a story.