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This website features many photograph collections. These collections are cataloged in order to provide attribution of the photography and to link to archival versions of the photographs which may be too large for internet presentation. The archival photographs have the same name except for a possible scale factor and different file type. Because these names are processed by batch files, use only lower case letters (except for newspaper sections used with page numbering), do NOT use special characters like a question marks, and use only digits where a digit is expected, do not repeat the hyphen.

Photos are largely cataloged by their name as shown in:


where date can be (using x as any digit 0-9):

  • xxxx four-digit-year
  • xxxx-xxxx range of four-digit-years
  • xxxx-xx four-digit-year and two-digit-month
  • xxxx-xx-xx four-digit-year, two-digit-month and two-digit-day
  • 0000 four zeros for unknown year

prefix indicates a particular collection or series:

  • Big Bend Railroad collection of Long Lake Dam construction photographs ['bbrr-' prefixed numbers].
  • Carol Anderson Paul's collection of early Reardan photographs ['cap-']
  • 1918 car, truck and tractor show ['auto-']
  • Dan Plaster's photograph of Reardan and vicinity
    • Loose prints [inconsistent should be 'dan-print' or 'danp-', high water is 00590]
    • large 4"x5" negatives ['dan45-']
    • 35mm negatives ['dan-35mm-' should be shortened to 'dan35-'] the serial number is in three parts: box-roll-item where box is the box number, roll is a roll number within a box and item is an image within the roll (but not necessarily the frame number).
  • A branch of the Aldrich family in America: In the footsteps of a line of descent from George Aldrich, from Massachusetts to Rhode Island, New York, the Midwest and Washington State ['bafa-', high water is 01.]
  • Clayton-Deer Park Historical Society ['cdphs-']
  • eBay ['ebay-', high water is 0006]
  • Education Service District 101 ['esd-', high water is 0002]
  • Facebook ['fb-', high water is 0073.]
  • Find-A-Grave website ['fag-', high water is 0002]
  • Jasper Kelso contemporary and historic photos ['kelso-', high water is 0008]
  • Kirk Carlson collection of contemporary and family Plaster, Mahrt, Robinson and Reardan photos ['kirk-', high water is 0055).
  • Library of Congress website ['loc-', high water is 0042]
  • Lincoln County WA website ['lc-', high water is 0001]
  • Lincoln County WA Historic Society ['lchs-', high water is 0185]
  • Newspapers (may be preceded with a source for articles found in libraries or museums; may be followed by page number [-pxx] (or section and page number [-pSxx]) and column number [-cx] where x is a number):
    • Davenport Times newspaper ['dt-']
    • Davenport Times Tribune newspaper ['dtt-']
    • Lincoln County Times newspaper [lct-]
    • Oskosh Northwestern newspaper ['on-']
    • Reardan Gazette newspaper ['rg-']
    • Seattle Post-Intelligencer ['pi-']
    • Spokesman-Review newspaper ['sr-']
    • Spokane Daily Chronicle newspaper ['sc-']
    • Spokane Press ['sp-']
    • Unknown ['xx-']
  • Northwest Museum of Art and Culture ['mac-', high water is 0027]
  • Otto Mahrt's collection of early Reardan photographs ['otto-']
  • Reardan Memorial Library [generally 'rml-', high water is 0348]
    • Beautification scrapbooks and photographs ['beautification-']w
    • Clayton photograph collection ['clayton-']
    • Invitations ['beautification-' but should be something else]
    • Reardan Memorial Library as a subject ['memorial-library-']*
    • Mule Day and community celebrations ['mule-day-']*
    • Reardan pageants, princesses, queens and Miss Reardans ['royalty']*
  • Reardan High School ['rhs-', high water is 0002]
    • 1959 Early History of Reardan (even though copy held by the Reardan Memorial Library) [rhs-ehr-]
  • Rural Washington Heritage ['rwh-']
  • Spokane Public Library ['spl-', high water is 0007]
  • Terry Krupke collection of Long Lake Dam construction photographs ['llt', high water is 0131]
  • University of Idaho ('uofi', high water is 0002]
  • University of Washington ['uw-, high water is 3]
  • Unknown [-unk-', high water is 0037.]
  • Ward Tramm ['ward', high water is 0002].
  • Washington Rural History ['wrh-', high water is 0004]
  • Washington State Digital Archives ['wada-', high water is 0016]
  • Washington State Genealogy website (wagenweb) ['wagenweb-', high water is 0002]
  • Washington State Historic Society ['wahs', high water is 0001]
  • WSU collections ['wsu-', high water is 0001]
  • 1918 car, truck, and tractor show ['auto-']

number is a serial number of the image within the prefixed collection or a year within a prefixed collection. Derivatives, such as cropping, enhancing or identifying, of an image are indicated with a trailing letter.

description is a string of hyphenated key words

scale is optional, as in:

  • -1600 scaled to 1600px x 900px largely used to reduce the size of large scanned images (greater than 2 Mbytes)

type indicates the encoding of the image and is one of: (the archive may include special formats like .xcf that contain layer information for labeling, etc.)

  • jpg jpeg photograph format
  • jpeg jpeg photograph format
  • png portable graphic format
  • tif bitmaped graphic format