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There has been a change to the format of the website. The former website was produced by a "static page generator." The pages would be defined with MarkDown, a fairly common markup language, and then translated into pages which can be displayed on browsers. In the new website, pages are generated as needed and uses the same basic engine as Wikipedia (although without all of its bells and whistles). Pages are stored as a database and text within a page can be searched. It is easier to cross reference other pages. In general this should make it easier to navigate between the pages of the website.

Additionally anyone (at least initially) can contribute to the website. This allows more participation whether to correct typos or to add stories and photographs. This requires trust of the community (easy) and the internet at large (almost impossible). We'll see how it goes. If necessary it may become necessary to create a login and have that login vetted before modifications are allowed.

In reverse order of time, pages that have been recently added.

A more detailed (and automatic) listing of recent changes.