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Welcome to the Reardan History wiki. Reardan is a small rural town in eastern Washington whose main industry is producing soft white winter wheat, some cattle and other crops like barley, mustard and canola. It has been around since the 1870 and had changed to fit the times and circumstances.

This wiki is a collection of stories and photos about Reardan. The main collection takes in many sources like the holdings of the Reardan Memorial Library, the Lincoln County Historical Society, the Spokane Public Library, the WSU Library collections, Dan Plaster photograph collection,and other photographs found on the Internet.


This website encourages sharing of contributions. That means that you can post stories or photographs you want to share (see contributing) and you can use those stories and pictures as long as the use is not commercial and you attribute where you got the material and where this website got the material). Some material on this site may be copyright protected by the copyright holder and separate permission should be obtained for those materials for your usage. Remember that permissions are not permissions to do anything you want, but only what is specifically granted by the permission received.

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