WWII Casualties

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Casualties by Last Name

The following Reardan area service men lost their lives during World War II (Clicking on their name will bring up more information about the individual):

The Davenport Times-Tribune reported on the death of others that have more tenuous connection to the community.

Prisoners of War Held by Japanese

While not casualties, there were four men from the community that were held as Prisoners of War (POWs) by the Japanese. There was much written about the POWs generally, both at the time of their release and later follow ups. A story about Major Samuel Grashio was published in the Davenport Times-Tribune after his escape from a prisoner of war camp and resumption of his duties at Gieger Field. The Spokesman-Review published a series of articles about a POW camp from the perspective of Major Achille C. Tisdelle which memtions Dr. Harold Proff.

The following community members were Prisoners of War held by the Japanese:

Timeline of Casualities


  • December 7: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor.
  • December 8: John Hickenbottom, a civilian contractor, captured by Japanese as they capture Midway Island.




  • October 29: 1Lt. Louis Schadegg, son of a former school teacher and a medical paratrooper with the 101st Airborne Division, was killed in action in the Netherlands.
  • December: Battle of the Bulge.